Providing enough space for our students is important

  • Since 2014, enrollment has increased 7.6% and puts strain on our facilities and students.

  • Many classrooms in each campus are undersized.

  • Special Education space is minimal and there are few spaces for collaborative learning or small group instruction.

  • Age-appropriate and flexible commons spaces are needed as education evolves.

  • Special education requirements have increase dramatically.

Our buildings require critical improvements

  • The layouts of each campus make security and supervision difficult.

  • Extensive exterior and interior improvements are needed including building systems.

What are the specific needs of our facilities? Find out more about the needs of East Elementary School, West Elementary School, and our Junior/Senior High School.



Since 2014, our communities’ feedback has been critical. Since the most recent attempt in November 2018, we have heard your feedback and we thank you for it. Although we’ve made strides in evolving our educational programs and activities, enrollment growth and changes in educational programming have reached a point where additional space across all grade levels is needed.

What has been done since 2014?  

  • Facilities assessment for each campus detailing deficiencies and potential improvements needed.

  • A Facilities Committee, made up of community members, parents, and staff studied District-wide facility needs, space requirements, and program needs over a two-year period.

  • Throughout this process and after each failed referendum attempt, user-group meetings, listening sessions and phone surveys were completed, and feedback was gathered from a variety of stakeholders.

  • In the past five years, three referendum efforts have failed to gain support from community residents. After each unsuccessful referendum, stakeholders were asked what they were looking for in an ideal plan. After the November 2018 attempt, 400 District voters were polled. Most voters agreed something needs to be done about the current state of our District’s facilities but wanted a plan that presented a lower tax impact.

The November 2019 proposed plan is based on our most critical educational and facility-related needs. This united single-campus proposal offers a lower tax impact for our communities.